I’ve posted this picture on social media before and gotten all kinds of responses from really smart people who needed to point out that all things are made up of chemicals along with really lengthy explanations which I’m sure were really impressive had I not fallen asleep reading them. Yes, all chemicals are not bad. So now that I’ve gotten that disclaimer out of the way…

I can’t tell you how often the mere mention of bread creates a reaction in people. It’s kind of like a clutching of the chest while backing away from the baskets of bread, pivot, body turning to run while the eyes longingly look at the bread. Then the comments, the apologies, the unkind things they say about their own bodies. “I get fat just looking at bread” “I can’t be trusted with a loaf of bread” “I’m on [insert name of fad diet here]”. I also hear about lots of people avoiding bread because of gluten sensitivities, I like that one, I’ve got lots of personal experiences with that subject and I’m armed with information.The concerns involving weight gain and bread are more difficult. I can explain a bit about sourdough bread being low on the glycemic index, which of our bread flavors contain more fiber and protein, that sort of thing. I just think it runs so much deeper than that. We have been programmed to believe that certain foods are “bad”. Many of us feel safer eating heavily processed foods because they are low in calories, engineered to taste good for us (because something that tastes as good as homemade bread can’t possibly be good for you, right??)

I am always nervous to write something like this for fear of coming off preachy in some way. I follow zero kind of diet, elimination styles of eating have never made sense to me personally and every once in while I have been known to house an entire bag of Cheetos leaving my fingers so stained that I need a bar of Fels Naptha to get them clean. This is just my two cents: lets start getting excited about food, lets enjoy the hell out of food and let’s figure out a way to bring the idea of cooking our meals from scratch and using whole ingredients of which we know their origins to our families, our friends and our neighbors.

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