Save a Tree, Support a Local Business and Feed our Local Healthcare Workers all with One Click!

One of the many things I love so much about the Farmers Markets is that 99% of the customers use reusable bags. Understandably the food stores aren’t allowing people to bring in their own bags right now…but I can’t help but feel sick about the increase in plastic bag usage again. We were so close to having them banned! I kind of get the same feeling of being wasteful lately when we bag up all of our market pre-orders and home deliveries in a bunch of paper grocery bags. After a little brainstorming, I think I have come up with a new possibility. If each customer could purchase a Nord reusable bag with one of their orders, that could be the bag you either bring to markets to pick up in OR that would be the bag you can hang on your doorknob on delivery day and I will place your order (which is always in a bread bag) straight into your happy reusable bag. 10% of the proceeds from each bag purchased will be used directly for our free bread program. The recipients of free bread next week are the staff at our own amazing Doylestown Hospital! We would love to keep the donations to the hospital ongoing and we can do this with some help from you beautiful and amazing people! To purchase a bag please visit our online store. Thank you!

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