Frequently Asked Questions

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None of our products are gluten free, however, most of our customers who have gluten sensitivities (NOT gluten intolerances) find that they can eat our products without any reactions. Please visit our Gluten Sensitive? page for a more information.

We use high quality, transitionally grown flour. Whenever possible we use organic and locally grown additions to our breads.

In addition to the whole grain rye and whole wheat flours, we also use half white flour. Half white flour is unbleached, never bromated and some of the bran is left intact.

The only products we produce that are not vegan are the Honey Whole Wheat and 100% Spelt breads, because of the addition of honey. Our products are 100% dairy and egg free.

We never use nuts or bring nuts into our facility.

Yes! Our products freeze beautifully. We recommend that you cut the entire loaf, place in a freezer bag and freeze.

Not yet, but we have applied for our kosher certification.

We operate a manufacturing site behind the Cross Keys Diner in Doylestown. We currently do not offer retail, but pre-orders can be made available for pick up there.